Joining is easy and membership is available to all Australian grapegrowers and winemakers. Vineyards, wineries, and/or wine businesses must hold separate memberships because the data provided by each part of the business is different.

Membership categories

There are two membership categories (members and certified members). Members can choose the category that best suits their needs.


Members of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia must annually report the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia business metrics and complete the self-assessment workbook. Members do not require an independent audit. Becoming a member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia is a pathway to becoming a certified member.

Certified members

Certified members of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia choose to be certified by undergoing an independent third-party audit against the approved certification standards for viticulture and wineries:

Membership reporting

Once a year, during July/August, members are required to report their business metrics (Table 1) and submit the self-assessment workbook to the AWRI through the member database. 

The workbook contains multiple choice questions covering major elements including energy, water, biodiversity, air, waste, land and soil, fertiliser and soil additives, chemicals, business, community impact and sustainability action planning.



Annually report business metrics and workbook.

Annual fees

Vineyard memberships Winery memberships Wine business memberships
Area (ha)  Price
(inc. GST)
Crush (t)  Price
(inc. GST)
Wine volume (kL) Price
(inc. GST)
<25 $155 <2,000 $458 <1,500 $458
25-99 $166 2,000-9,999 $686 1,500- 7,499 $686
100-249 $206 10,000-19,999 $858 7,500-14,999 $858
250-499 $286 ≥20,000 $1,144 ≥15,000 $1,144
≥500 $343

a Fees are quoted in Australian dollars and include GST. Fees are for one year’s membership (1 July – 30 June 2025), payable during the July/August renewal period and are not refundable

Please read the program terms to understand membership obligations.


Annually report business metrics and workbook.

A Certification audit is required once every three years against the Australian Wine Industry viticulture and winery standards.

Annual fees

Refer to the Member fees table above.

Certification fees

Training – Fees are dependent on group training numbers, training format (face-to-face or online) and location. Please complete an expression of interest to receive a quote.

Audit – ~$1,200-$2,000 (applied independently)

  • Training is a one-off requirement for certification. Fees vary between training providers.
  • Auditing is conducted once every three years. Fees vary between independent certification bodies. Members are advised to seek quotes from multiple certification bodies prior to arranging an audit.

Sustainable Winegrowing Australia Business Metrics Indicators


_T      Tonnes of grapes produced (% red and white)
_         Production system (conventional, organic, biodynamic)
_ha    Area under vine
_kW   Electricity purchased
_kW   Electricity generated
_ML   Total water used
_kg    Total nitrogen applied
_L      Total petrol used
_L      Total diesel used
_L      Total LPG used
_ha    Irrigation type
_ha    Irrigation source
_         Use of contractors
_         Number of tractor passes per season
_ha    Vineyard floor management
_ha    Biodiversity area

Download Business Indicators – Vineyard PDF

_T       Tonnes of grapes crushed (% red and white)
_KL     Winemaking processing and packaging volumes
_KL     Total winery water used
_KL     Total wastewater generated
_KL     Winery wastewater treatment
_T       Total solid waste produced
_          Solid waste treatment (recycling/compost)
_kWh Electricity purchased
_kWh Electricity generated
_GJ    Total natural gas used
_L      Total petrol used
_L      Total diesel used
_L      Total LPG used
_T      Winemaking CO2 use
_kg    Synthetic refrigerants
_ha    Biodiversity area

Download Business Indicators Winery PDF

Membership timeline

April – June

Prepare for next financial year by signing up to receive a short email series.

July / August

Fill in your self-assessment workbook for the last financial year through our simple online platform.


Benchmarking data is released. See how your winery or vineyard rates against your peers.

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