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We are convinced that our efforts in protecting our natural resources reflect in the quality of wines we make. Quite simply, if we’re to focus on excellence in winemaking, it absolutely requires excellence in environmental management – the two are inseparable.
Robert Hill-Smith
Chairman, Yalumba
The program is recognised industry-wide and by our customers. I use the metrics to find areas to improve. If you change a variable you will change your outcome.
Richard Bateman
Regional Manager, FABAL (Food And Beverage Australia [Pty] Limited), Bantry Bay, Margaret River
The program acknowledges a one-size-fits all approach to sustainability doesn’t best meet the needs of diverse business models. It allows its wine industry partners to improve the economic, social, and environmental aspects of their business decisions to build resilience across the industry.
Maggie Jarrett
Viticulture development officer, NSW Department of Primary Industries