The certification process

There are different reasons businesses choose to become certified.

For some it is useful to have an independent body review their practices and provide advice on areas for improvement. For others it’s important to have independent verification of their sustainability claims so that they can confidently communicate their credentials with their supply chain and importantly, confidence to consumers they’re buying a product made with the planet in mind.

What’s involved in being certified?

All members seeking certification require an independent audit against the Australian Wine Industry Standards of Sustainable Practice – Viticulture (AWISSP-VIT1) and/or Australian Wine Industry Standards of Sustainable Practice – Winery (AWISSP-WIN1). An essential part of certification is the attendance at an approved one-off training session.

Training covers all the necessary elements of the program including the processes and plans required to pass an audit. Trainees are provided with a set of customisable templates and resources to support the preparation and maintenance of the program. Training is usually delivered to groups (of up to 25 people).

Costs of training are established by the trainer and will vary based on training delivery method (one-on-one vs group training), location, number of participants, and materials, plus catering and travel costs. The cost also includes a trainer royalty fee (see Freshcare Fee Structure).

Once training is complete and all the necessary processes and records are collated, the business can arrange for an audit.

For more information, see our frequently asked questions.

If you would like to become certified and have not previously attended certification training, the process is as follows: 

Complete the expression of interest form.

Get in touch

Complete training, implement required processes and/or changes in the vineyard or winery based on information from the standards.

More information

Contact an approved certification body to arrange an audit. A list of approved providers can be accessed here.

Certification body

If you have attended a certification training session in the past five years, you can arrange an audit at any time by contacting an approved certification body. To maintain certification, a successful audit must be completed every three years.

Trust mark usage

Once certified you can apply to use the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia trust mark. An assurance to customers and consumers of how your product is produced.