For grapegrowers and winemakers

Grapegrowers and Winemakers

As consumers and the global supply chain begin to demand more sustainable wines, the program provides an opportunity to get on the front foot and create a socially, environmentally and economically resilient business. This affords a number of benefits, including:

  • Telling a better brand story; becoming a brand that is known for making exceptional wine that supports a greater good
  • Creating value and security for generations of grapegrowers and winemakers to come by nurturing the land and passing it on in better condition
  • Delivering business efficiencies in both the short and long-term
  • Being part of a collective effort to ensure a resilient and thriving Australian wine community
  • Staying one step ahead of increased demand from consumers and retailers as they seek more sustainable options
  • Seeing what you’ve done and where you can improve through benchmarking
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of your activities
  • Recording and measuring what you do and use, so you can start to find efficiencies

Winemaking brands

In addition to the above, embracing sustainable practices helps create a purposeful brand story that resonates with the ever-growing number of socially conscious consumers who want better choices. This translates to:

  • Enjoying a strong market demand for sustainable wines
  • Saving money in both the short and long-term
  • Strengthening your brand story and brand value
  • Getting the rights to use the trust mark – increasing point-of-sale differentiation
  • Having more marketing opportunities and awards available through industry bodies
  • Reducing the impact on the environment
  • Being part of a wine community to achieve shared goals
  • Growing a socially, environmentally and economically resilient business