Upload your Audit Certificate

Following your audit, remember to update your membership details so that we can recognise you as a certified member of the program:

  • Login to the member database
  • On the ‘Certification’ page, change your status to ‘certified’, enter your Freshcare certificate details and upload a copy of your Freshcare certificate.

After your certificate has been verified, you’ll see a new section on the certification page called, ‘Application To Use The Trust Mark’.

We ask that all members use this application to tell us how you intend to use the trust mark so that we can maintain a register of the ways it is being used, and further promote the program.


How to apply to use the trust mark:

  1. Ensure your certification details are up to date in the member database
  2. Read the trust mark rules for use
  3. Login to your membership profile and on the certification page, provide a description of your proposed use
  4. Upload a copy of your draft artwork and, if using the trust mark on a wine label, upload your traceability evidence. Please allow five working days for approval to use the trust mark

Once certified, you can apply to use the trust mark